Today I'm casting my 1050 votes for @JO7eth in Mirror's $WRITE Race

I've decided to cast all of my votes each week to one contestant. That contestant will be someone who has a burning desire to write and has something to say. They gotta be hungry and ready to burn it up on Mirror. I'll also make that contestant a contributor to Conway's Corner and invite them to write a post to be published the day of the vote.

This week, I'm casting my votes for @JO7eth.

I have no idea if @JO7eth is a man, woman, child, non-binary or a dog smoking a cigar in a bathtub in Dubai. I do know they crunched the numbers for Mirror and started an important dialogue about the onboarding process.

I think they make some great points, but by choosing @JO7eth I'm mainly endorsing the idea that Mirror is important enough for these dialogues to happen. It's a sign of the platform maturing, growing pains, so to speak. I'm confident we are on a solid path to making Mirror the dominant web3 home for long-form content. Voices like @JO7eth will make it stronger.

I'd encourage you to join me in voting for them.

Let the games begin.

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