What to Expect if Vitalik's Dad Takes Over
August 6th, 2021

It's possible V says goodbye to Ethereum one day. He is a young man, full of surprises. Remember when he donated sixty trillion shiba coins to charity? The guy's brilliant, but he also likes to shake things up. The good news is, Ethereum could survive without him. But still, every project needs a leader of sorts, even if it isn't cool to say so in crypto.

Who else but Dmitry Buterin? You laugh?

Anyone who describes "human children" in this way has my attention. He's obviously preparing to birth another being.

He already knows how to create a master strategist, an implementor, a leader of men and women. And he has the guts to say it out loud.

There is evidence something is afoot.

He's obviously in a next-level training program.

He's a human Bloomberg terminal, a relentless heat-seeking missile for those sweet gainz.

With D in charge, there will be some changes for sure. No more of the rainbows and butterflies you Ethereum snowflakes are so fond of. It's cold hard power, baby. Never explain, never complain.

And he could care less if "you're having a good time." Where he came from, and where he's going if needed, results are what count, no matter the cost. Respect.

Oooh... pretty. When the water stops shimmering you’ll see D splitting your skull open with his walking stick.

Of course, he's decisive as hell and doesn’t waste time considering meaningless options. He’s always closing, and when he isn’t closing, he’s coding brother, you can be sure of that.

He's got deep thoughts, and like V, he doesn't care if you fully understand them.

Finally, he's a verified bad ass. You saw the shirtless photo of him in his underwear? Now imagine that package of muscle up out of that chair, ready to squash your ass. He doesn't hide it, that would be weakness...

Yeah, like Vitalik, he's got a cat fetish. You gotta problem with that? Try letting him know, and then for fun measure how many breaths you have left on earth.

And if he isn't able, his posse, even more bad-ass than him, will make sure to settle the score.

In conclusion, would Ethereum survive with Vitalik’s dad as its new prophet? No, I don’t think it would. But, does part of me want his dad to teach me about plant medicines and the richness of my own consciousness? Yes I would. And would I ultimately decline that offer because in the course of our work together, there would be some chance he’d lovingly kick my ass in an attempt to teach me about the nature of man? And perhaps would that lesson accidentally kill me considering the size of his muscles, or perhaps would I survive but then be suffering from a new more powerful mental illness that even he could not cure? Yes, yes and yes. So I will respectfully decline.

But I still love following him on twitter.

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